Monday, May 26, 2008

Custom Surfboards Made in the USA

Ukulele also does premium color work glass jobs for local shapers. Here long time master with the planer Hank Byzak had done this rad stripe color job done by Wyatt on a couple of customs.

Hank has been shaping for decades and is very pleased to let you know that his shapes are made right here at home not some China made S#!+!

He also has some requests for his original designs. Just to stop the C&C ripoffs that Some Asian factories have been pulling off.

Here is that rad color work by Wyatt. Call this shot Spy VS. Spy.

And from a couple days ago the board dedicated to HIPPIE went home. Damon came and picked up and got some personal service from the man who shaped it.
Have fun surfing that new board Stacey!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Surfboard Custom for Stacey Noserider

Here is the hottest custom shaped by Jonathon hot off the press. This is for Stacey.

Hippie Flowers

Dimensions and custom signature

OOoohh, bright shiny yellow like the sun

A great label for a custom noserider

All in all a very groovy board.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Great Boards Great Prices

I dropped off a bunch of new and used boards at Progression Surf shop in Leucadia. They have a great selection of our boards. Noseriders to Fish you'll find them at this local shop.

Progression Surf Shop
828 N. Coast Highway 101, Leucadia, CA • 760-942-2088

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mack The Mechanic's New Board

Mack the mechanic worked on my car did a great job! Here's a board he ordered from me. Stoked to make a board for a local bro. Board shaped and glassed nose and tail blocks and fins all here at the Ukulele board factory

Quality wood nose and tail blocks and killer wood fin made by woodmaster Jim Phillips

Quality handcrafted products made in the USA by surfer for surfers.

Lot's of fun for Mack the Mechanic on this local lable